Annie Armstrong, for whom the annual North American Mission offering is named, once commented on the international influx through the port of Baltimore, where she lived: “Men and means were not forthcoming fast enough for the great work of foreign missions, so God turned the stream this way and sent great masses of the unevangelized to come in contact with Christians.”  Annie Armstrong made this comment in the late 1800s.  Today, the stream continues to flow.  Thousands of people travel through Florida ports every year.  Internationals serve on cargo and cruise ships.  Many of these travel the world, leaving families behind.  God uses port ministries to touch the seafarers.  Many find a warm welcome at the seafarer’s center. 

Seafarers/Port Ministries affiliated with the Florida Baptist Convention are listed below.  Please pray for them!  Explore their web sites!  Help your Church to see this unique mission field!  Find ways to support them with volunteers and funding!  All have many needs!  All are touching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Seafarer's Life and Ministry Opportunities

Tampa Seafarer's Center

Anchor House Ministry Video