Chaplains need to continue to learn, train and grow. As Chaplains, we also need to stay current in our fields. Volunteer Chaplain Certification is good for three years. Recertification is required every three years. Requirements for recertification are listed on the Recertification Form. Online courses, Associational conferences and attending the Florida Baptist Annual Chaplain’s meeting count toward recertification. We want the recertification requirement to be an encouragement for your professional development as a Chaplain. The better we are prepared the better we serve the Lord.

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Date: Phone: Cell:

Email: Fax:

Name of facility served:

Address of facility:

Requirements for Recertification:

1- Complete a training course annually or

2 - Read "48 Hours" from the "Book Resource List" and complete a book review.

3 - Letter of recommendation from your pastor

I completed the following requirements:

1- Completed the following training courses:

Name of course: Date Completed:

Name of course 2: Date Completed:

Name of Course 3: Date Completed:


2 - I read the following book and submitted the book report:

Name of book: Date report sent:


3 - I asked my pastor to send a letter of recommendation. yes no

4 - Please email a photo to mjohnston@flbaptist.org for your Chaplain's badge.