Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Certification Requirements

Register online at www.fbchapnet.org/formspg.html to become a DR Chaplain

Complete Disaster Relief Orientation at a DR Regional Training

Complete the following courses:

Basic DR Chaplaincy Training

CISM, Stress First Aid (SFA)

Basic courses can be taken in person or online at www.fbchapnet.org.

Six months experience (For lay persons only) - 10 hours per week

Two letters of recommendation

For Pastors: Letter from Director of Missions and an additional reference
For Lay Persons:  Letter from Pastor and from person documenting your six months experience.

Background Check—Chaplains, please use this link.


Information Regarding Six Months Experience

Since disasters are not an everyday occurrence, it may be difficult for you to receive six months experience as a Disaster Relief Chaplain.  First of all, we do recommend you serving as a Chaplain in another area to get you started.  This may not be possible in your situation.  If not, you can get experience by responding to a disaster.  You will be teamed with a Chaplain.  A disaster relief response can be very intense.  During one callout, you could receive 8-10 weeks of experience.