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I am Marc Johnston. I serve as the Team Stragetist for the Church and Community Ministries Team. Chaplancy Ministries is part of my responsibility. We developed our Website to meet your needs. Please contact me, if I can assist you.

Prayer Requests
Please share your requests for prayer and we wil list them for all to pray.
Prayer Needs

A Personal Testimony by a Seafarer aboard the Carnival Facination Cruise Ship

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Remember Our Troops


Training Video Resources

Losasso Sermon

Human Trafficking

Vandegriff Testimony

Operational Stress First Aid


Featured Ministry

Port Ministries

Chaplain Frank Jassir Ministry 

Port Tampa Seafarer's Ministry


OSFA Information


Home for Recovering Addics

Grace Ministry of Florida

Chaplain Kevin Craven



chaplain promotion

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2015 Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Training Schedule

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Chaplains Needed for Truck Stop Ministry!

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